Interior Design - French Country Apartment Decor

We are in my loft in old montreal this used to be an old rooming house it was built around 1870 and each of the windows in this loft was one room my interior inspiration comes a lot from Scandinavian style I look at a lot of

websites a lot of blogs I find it incredibly inspiring that there's a kind of simplicity and purpose in everything that the Scandinavians do each piece has meaning in the home and that's really what I've tried to do in this home as

well I think my style has actually influenced my pottery rather than my pottery influencing my style when I started doing ceramics what I was looking for was a set of dishware that was very organic very pure and very mad

it's actually continued to influence me and all the collections that I do today the apartment is obviously very white Isle of Wight and my business is called looks like white so obviously it's a kind of passion of mine to keep a house

that is so white from looking sterile or cold I think it's imp…


Hey guys!

I don't know about you guys, but my room constantly gets messy. I feel like I walk into the room and like this invisible

tornado happens and I'm just like "I cleaned it a couple days ago!" so today I thought I'd share with you guys some super

cool organizational DIYs and life hacks you can use to organize your home or your room and up your decor game.

I have a question for you guys. During this article, please pick your favorite DIY or hack and let me know down below.

Also, I made this article in partnership with Quay Australia and they have some super cool sunnies, which I'm going to

show you during this article. Without further ado, let's get on Let's go.

I seriously love my sunglasses, especially these ones from Quay Australia, and I had a drawer, but they definitely

deserve a display organizer, so let's make one. All you need is a picture frame, some fairy lights or wire, and some

pushpins. The first step is to take out the back of t…