Interior Design - French Country Apartment Decor

We are in my loft in old montreal this used to be an old rooming house it was built around 1870 and each of the windows in this loft was one room my interior inspiration comes a lot from Scandinavian style I look at a lot of

websites a lot of blogs I find it incredibly inspiring that there's a kind of simplicity and purpose in everything that the Scandinavians do each piece has meaning in the home and that's really what I've tried to do in this home as

well I think my style has actually influenced my pottery rather than my pottery influencing my style when I started doing ceramics what I was looking for was a set of dishware that was very organic very pure and very mad

it's actually continued to influence me and all the collections that I do today the apartment is obviously very white Isle of Wight and my business is called looks like white so obviously it's a kind of passion of mine to keep a house

that is so white from looking sterile or cold I think it's important to bring in different elements as you can see i mixed white with a lot of different colors of wood I'm not a proponent of keeping all the woods the same I have

the texture of the brick as well and I always bring mirrors and a little bit of crystal and so on into any house that I do even if you have all white walls and a lot of white furniture I have the attitude that it's not precious

everything has to be lived in and if there's a spot well it's okay you can get a little stain and I always had slipcovers so everything just pulled off threw it in the wash and wash it up and it was never a problem I encourage

everyone to try it maybe if you have four boys it might be a bit more difficult with the beauty of living in a small apartment is that I spend time in every single room I spend a lot of time in the

bedroom and I spent a lot of time in my office I love it it's wonderful to be able to use all the parts and actually the way the loft is built I can see all over so no matter where I'm sitting I can see all of the space and I get to

see all of the pieces that I've collected for all these years and the pieces that I really love rather than having them hidden away in another spot upstairs or downstairs.


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